Shawn Whitaker: Black Diamond Brewing Co.

shawn whitaker black diamong brewing

Is California really a craft beer paradise? Let’s ask it to Shawn Whitaker, Production Manager at the Black Diamond Brewery. Today I’m going to talk with Shawn Whitaker, Production Manager of the Black Diamond Brewing Co.. He comes from a place pretty close to heaven. For hop heads, at least. California in general – and West Coast specifically – seems being a stunning place for anyone who has ...

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Vinnie Cilurzo: Russian River Brewing Company

vinnie cilurzo russian river brewery

Face-to-face with Vinnie Cilurzo, owner and brewer at the Russian River Brewing Company. Vinnie Cilurzo is someone I’ve never imagined I would be able to talk with. I was wrong. He has been very kind coming back to me when I asked him for an interview. He is the deus-ex-machina at the Russian River Brewing Company – the same one that brews the world ...

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Dany Prignon: Brasserie Fantome

dany prignon fantome brewery

Dany Prignon is not “just” a brewer. He is very creative. Or highly bizarre, it depends from your point of view. A craft beer drinker with a minimum of knowledge of the Belgian scene can not not know Dany Prignon. This eclectic brewer is famous throughout the world for being bizarre as well as his extravagant beers. His creativity has no limits: could ...

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Aleph, aka Andrea Ladas: Fyne Ales Brewery

andrea aleph ladas

Andrea Ladas, per gli amici Aleph. Questo birraio è partito dall’Italia, ha fatto un giro vorticoso ed è approdato in Scozia. Nome Andrea, cognome (anagrafico) Ladas mentre Aleph è quello acquisito – da non confondersi con l’omonimo Birrificio. Ho incontrato Andrea al birrificio Fyne Ales, durante il mio viaggio in Scozia. E’ stata una sorpresa. Non tanto per il fatto di aver trovato un italiano in un ...

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Gert Christiaens: Oud Beersel Brewery

gert christiaens oud beersel

Mine interview to Gert Christiaens, Oud Beersel brewer with the aim for the renaissance of beer traditions. I’ve met Gert Christiaens during my trip in Belgium at his brewery, Oud Beersel. I remember well the atmosphere in there. The farm shop was cozy, warm and comfortable. No time to get in that I was sitting drinking not one, neither two but three beers ...

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Jef Van Den Steen: De Glazen Toren

jef van den steen

Jef Van Den Steen, what a character! The brewer of De Glazen Toren Brouwerij is also teacher, author and tester. I met Jef Van Den Steen for the first time when I went to De Glazen Toren Brouwerij – which means ‘The Glass Tower Brewery’. Shame on me! I went there with no idea about him. Only when I tried his amazing beers I ...

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